Caduceus' solutions strengthen every link in your healthcare supply chain.

Unsurpassed healthcare materials management solutions and inventory control, delivering outstanding value to our clients, from hospitals and healthcare systems to emergency preparedness agencies.

Using a real-time data collection system with UPN bar code technology, you will know what you have, how much you have of it, and where to access it, fast. Plus, you will have a more efficient link to your suppliers and distributors. It adds up to efficient materials management, inventory control and supply cost savings, with automated record keeping and charging at point-of-use that enhances delivery of healthcare services.

Materials and supplies can represent close to 40% of a hospital's operating budget. That's a huge potential source of operational savings. By assessing your facility's materials management and in-place processes, and implementing best practice recommendations, the Caduceus MMIS can have a huge financial impact. For every hospital or system we've analyzed, the up-front investment can be returned by operational savings within six to 18 months. Then those recurring savings and cost controls continue on, year after year.

Additionally, our materials management solution is the ideal tool for distribution of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, as required by the planning for emergency preparedness and the Strategic National Stockpile.

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