Project Management

Our MMIS project managers can manage every facet of an implementation of the Caduceus MMIS.

The primary roles of the Caduceus Systems MMIS Project Manager are to:

  • Manage implementation project resources
  • Monitor progress according to the project plan
  • Detect variances in the time frames associated with the completion of assigned project tasks
  • Make adjustments in resource assignments as determined by interdependent project activities in a critical path to assure the timely completion of the project
  • Provide scheduled project status reports to the hospital or network's senior management
  • Coordinate resources and activities between Caduceus Systems' implementation team members and project tasks undertaken by a client's personnel

All resources assigned to a project by Caduceus report to the Project Manager.

Objectives of the Project Manager

Project Managers are experienced and highly competent staff members responsible for the successful completion of an MMIS implementation project within the predetermined scope and parameters that are jointly agreed to by a client facility and Caduceus Systems within the context of the implementation plan. These parameters include such project elements as overall time frame, project budget, and resource requirements.

The objective of Caduceus' Project Manager is to assure that the intended scope and benefits are realized by a healthcare facility as a result of deploying the Caduceus MMIS and doing so within the prescribed expectations for time frame and cost.

Throughout an implementation project, the Project Manager's time is usually split between being on-site at the client's facility and working from the Caduceus offices in Austin, TX.

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