Our Vision

The challenges for today's healthcare facilities are assuring efficient and timely access to supplies while reducing the investment in inventory, improving cash flow and delivering the highest quality of patient care. Until now, these challenges have only been partially addressed using software solutions available to the healthcare industry.

Drawing on substantial evidence to validate its findings, Caduceus Systems LLC can show that a robust approach to automating the inventory and materials management functions within a hospital can provide significant improvements in each of these critical areas. This is opposed to the historical approach of addressing a subset of these objectives, to the exclusion of others.

Our Dedication to Superior Materials Management Information Systems

Caduceus Systems is dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with a best-of-breed Materials Management Information System software product and top-quality services as a solution to the challenges of managing inventory, tracking its location, attributing the use of supplies to the respective patient, department or caregiver and optimizing the reorder and replenishment process.

Today the business relationships and economic conventions that govern the healthcare supply chain are driven by a "push," or order-based approach to inventory management. This is far different than a "pull" or demand/utilization-based concept for the ordering and replenishment of supplies. This pull-based approach has been successfully adopted by other industries and resulted in savings being measured in the billions. As a viable means to improving cash flow without degradation in supply availability, a materials management system deployment should anticipate this probable scenario and position the healthcare facility to act as a catalyst in this evolution.

As collaborative relationships evolve between hospitals, suppliers and trading partners, enhanced communication capabilities will assist in furthering cost reductions and efficiency improvements through technology like EDI and Internet-based e-procurement. However, Caduceus Systems believes that a thorough and systematic approach to automate the internal processes associated with materials management within a hospital is both a tactical requirement and a strategic prerequisite for the successful use of e-procurement. Materials Management personnel, clinicians and caregivers must have visibility and confidence in knowing what supplies they have, precisely where they are located, and have continuous access to the correct supplies when and where they are needed.

We at Caduceus Systems are confident that our software solutions offer the healthcare industry an unequaled answer for meeting today's challenges and offer a building block approach to exploit other contemporary yet proven technologies as bi-products of our company's commitment to on-going research, development and continual enhancements to the Caduceus MMIS.

The future relationships between healthcare facilities and suppliers will undoubtedly include a shift in some of the costs and responsibilities associated with the inventory management and procurement functions. The products and services offered by Caduceus Systems will strategically position each of our customers to fully realize the benefits of reapportionment of the risks and costs as well as assimilate new ways of doing business and new technologies.