Ongoing Services

Caduceus Systems offers a service program that includes ongoing maintenance, new functional and technical enhancements for the Caduceus MMIS system, and support to resolve any problems that may be encountered. In short, this support program combines the benefits of an extended warranty with an economically attractive way to benefit from the by-products of our company's continual research and development initiatives in hospital supply chain and materials management software.

While each healthcare facility using the Caduceus MMIS is encouraged to participate in this support program, to do so is at the discretion of our client facilities and is based upon an annually renewable subscription.

Participation in this program includes the following support services:

  • Hot Line telephone support for questions and assistance (this support is available with coverage extension options that can expand to 24x7 service availability)
  • Resolution or fixes to any reported program problems
  • New releases of the Caduceus MMIS that include functional and technical enhancements are scheduled for annual distribution and are provided with this program
  • Documentation updates for new releases

Contact Caduceus Systems for more information on our ongoing MMIS support programs.