Caduceus Systems has one objective: hospital materials management efficiency and inventory cost reduction.

Healthcare providers are actively seeking ways to reduce supply-related expenses while assuring patient safety and enhancing the quality of care. This includes:

  • Aligning with trusted trading partners
  • Measuring current process costs
  • Implementing process-driven materials management information systems
  • Engineering processes to meet collective cost reduction goals
  • Measuring results for continuous improvement

Hospital implementation of Caduceus MMIS creates almost immediate materials management inventory cost reduction, improved efficiency and professional staff time recovered for more patient care-we bring tremendous value to our clients.

Q. How does this benefit the healthcare consumer?

A. The healthcare consumer is everyone who pays for healthcare, even indirectly. These costs include taxes to support government healthcare programs, private insurance premiums, or insurance premiums paid by employees and employers. In all of these cases, savings from Caduceus MMIS will find their way back to the individual or corporate pocket book. Caduceus MMIS principles and techniques translate directly into productivity improvements and waste reduction. The competitive healthcare market will spread these savings among supply chain participants, patients, and bill payers.

Q. Why should I do any of this now?

A. The cost of med/surg supplies is over 30% of most hospitals' operating budgets. Because so much effort has already gone into reducing personnel costs, materials management is the next focus for wringing out cost. Unfortunately, most organizations don't have the expertise in-house to optimize the supply chain to their workflows and processes, and software systems designed for other purposes tend to be expensive and cumbersome to implement.

Caduceus MMIS is a software solution designed from the ground up to address the healthcare industry's mandate to decrease costs, providing the realization of a common goal: to bring better value and care to consumers. Focusing on the efficient utilization of the healthcare supply chain will reduce inventory and physical assets, while clinical outcomes improve. Accurate information and high-quality products flow through a paperless system from manufacturers to point of use and disposal. Every activity within organizations should be examined to determine whether the value it adds warrants its cost. Healthcare providers must understand how to change from current best practices to the reengineered healthcare industry supply chain, which reduces cycle time, maximizes product flow-through, and minimizes costs to all participants. The investment in Caduceus MMIS assures cost savings, now and in the future.

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