Data Analysis & Database Management

Healthcare facilities usually do not have the software, dedicated staff, training, or procedures required to properly maintain data elements that would optimize the effectiveness of their materials management information systems (MMIS). While this has a dramatic effect on the cost and efficiency of the facility's purchasing department, it negatively affects other system functions such as accounts payable and supplier fill rates.

Caduceus Systems has developed the technology and processes necessary to acquire, cleanse, and return purchasing-related data, enabling healthcare facilities to save money and operate more efficiently. At Caduceus Systems, our data cleaning analysis and database management services are second to none.

At the end of a data cleansing analysis engagement with Caduceus Systems, the purchasing data in a customer's MMIS is clean, but the challenges that created the dirty data in the first place still exist. Caduceus's automatic Data Maintenance Program compares a customer's daily purchases with the clean data being maintained in Caduceus's database.

Tracked purchasing data not matching with the clean data automatically generates a report, which is e-mailed to the customer the next day. This program protects your data cleansing investment by ensuring ongoing cleaning of variations that represent daily changes that may occur in the course of your purchasing activities.

Subscribers to the Data Maintenance Program can:

  • Review maintenance reports and determine which items are to be cleansed and added to the MMIS
  • Review statistics and information on the data being monitored and cleansed by Caduceus


Reducing vendors and the variation in the products purchased are top goals for many healthcare providers, but they remain some of the most elusive to obtain. A cleansed and consolidated purchasing database coupled with Caduceus's extensive product cross reference database and powerful searching technology allows subscribers to:

  • Identify the same product being purchased from multiple vendors across departments or facilities
  • Identify Vendors selling like products

Price Management

As difficult as it is to maintain a clean, efficient item master, maintenance of contract masters in a MMIS is even more difficult. Caduceus's Price Management Program includes a focus on contract, which provides the efficiencies of connecting essential contract information with your unique purchasing information. Caduceus's unique experience with non-contracted products provides our customers with a resource to lower pricing on non-contracted products.

  • Purchasing Portfolio Analysis
  • Contract Master Management
  • Non-Contracted Price Management